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Bubble CPAP Video - Morgan-Stanley Children's Hospital View the FULL Bubble CPAP presentation from our workshops Bubble CPAP Basics - Dr. Ammari/John Kawas

Welcome to Early Bubble CPAP. The purpose of this website is to promote the use of bubble CPAP early on in the care of neonates. We encourage doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists to learn the techniques used in successful initiation of bubble CPAP and to use bubble CPAP early in the care of premature infants. {Content Ads}

Bubble CPAP is safe and effective. The links below will answer some of the most commonly asked bubble CPAP questions. Also, we have numerous resources available to help you use bubble CPAP early and effectively in your NICU.

How do we know Bubble CPAP is a good treatment for babies?
Bubble CPAP was invented over two decades ago by Dr. Jin-Tien Wung of Columbia Medical Center. Professor Wung and Columbia are part of the history of Bubble CPAP. It is no secret that Columbia Medical Center's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has one of the lowest incidences of BPD in the world. Bubble CPAP has been perfected at Columbia and is a major part of their successs. Professor Wung has trained countless doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists in Bubble CPAP use.

What is Bubble CPAP and how does it work?

Bubble CPAP is a simple, safe and cost effective method of delivering respiratory support to premature babies. The use of Bubble CPAP can limit the development of bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) and helps to support infants without the complications associated with endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation.

Bubble CPAP works by delivering a constant pressure to the infant's airway (via nasal prongs) which decreases the work of breathing, inproves ventilation/perfusion matching and helps to "splint" open the airway. The "Bubble" in Bubble CPAP comes from the method used to generate the pressure which is delivered to the baby. Simply, the expiratory limb of the breathing circuit is placed under water which generates pressure and provides oscillations which may have some physiological benefit to premature lungs.

Bubble CPAP History - Dr. Jin-Tien Wung - Physician, Teacher & Inventor


We wish to acknowledge the "Godfather" of Bubble CPAP for his pioneering work which has improved the care of neonates in so many hospitals. Dr. Jen-Tien Wung, MD has freely shared his knowledge and worked tirelessly to train neonatoligists, nurses and respiratory therapists on the use Bubble CPAP. Professor Wung has been practicing and teaching the way of bubble CPAP at Columbia for more then two decades and his outcomes are very impressive.

Our team at Early Bubble CPAP believe that successful use of Bubble CPAP requires attention to detail and education. We are based at Riyadh Military Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Our activities include workshops at neonatal and pediatric events, staff education at hospitals around the Middle East and NICU outreach programs designed to improve not only Bubble CPAP use but overall neonatal care in smaller centers.

Do You Want To Start Using Bubble CPAP In Your NICU? Would You Like Some Help?

If you are interested in starting to use Bubble CPAP in your NICU and feel you could use a little help visit our online Bubble CPAP Resource Center. The resource center has downloadable versions of the Bubble CPAP Manual, Bubble CPAP Protocal and Checklists, Teaching Powerpoint and numerous other resources all available for free.

Bubble CPAP Video - Morgan-Stanley Children's Hospital View the FULL Bubble CPAP presentation from our workshops Bubble CPAP Basics - Dr. Ammari/John Kawas